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Your roof is an integral part of your home. A damaged roof can mean lots of problems for you and your family. Because it's so important, you need to make sure you're hiring quality roofers and getting the best service possible. At Roofing Services, we aim to go above and beyond. Exceeding our customers' expectations has been the secret to our success and it's the reason why we have so many satisfied homeowners in the Waukegan area under our belt.

Waukegan Roofing Services We Offer

New Roofing Installations - With our many years of experience installing roofing, we're well acquainted with all the roofing options out there. Why not leave your new roofing needs in skilled hands that you know you can trust?

Roofing Inspection - If you want to save money on major repairs, detecting problems early is key. We offer full roof inspection and diagnostic services to help you identify trouble spots before they become real problems.

Maintenance And Repair - We do everything from shingle replacement to installing a skylight. There's no job that's too big for our contractors to tackle or too small to be treated lightly.

Overlays - Tearing off a new roof and reinstalling is a costly option. In many cases, an overlay will work just as well. Let us handle your overlay and we'll guarantee that it's safe and durable, and that it costs a fraction of the price of a new roof.

Material Selection - There are lots of options available for your roofing material. We can use our expertise to choose materials that suit your house and also offer you a great value.

Green Roofing Options - We specialize in making homes more energy efficient and eco-friendly. We use non-toxic, extra-durable shingle and tile materials that keep the elements out and don't add to demolition waste. Our skilled professionals can also help you get your roof ready for photovoltaic solar panels.

If you need anything roof-related done and you don't see it above, give us a call and ask. We can handle lots of handyman tasks as well as roofing work.

Safety Is Number One

All of our Waukegan roofing services are offered with safety as the number one priority. We adhere strictly to safety guidelines in the roofing industry to make sure that no one is hurt during the job. Because roofing is a dangerous profession, all of our contractors receive special training in staying safe on the job.

Because we know that quality customer service is what really counts, we strive to offer the best service possible. Give us a try for your next roofing repair or maintenance job and let us show you what we do!

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